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Is it a trivial matter to pay so much attention to a small wooden ice cream stick?

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Is it a trivial matter to pay so much attention to a small wooden ice cream stick?


Before entering the ice cream bar production workshop, whether it is the workshop staff or the reporters who came to interview, they must go through special protective clothing, shoe covers, disinfectant washing and disinfection, and blow off the outside of the body through special air shower. A series of "cleaning treatments" such as attached hair.

Is it a trivial matter to pay so much attention to a small ice cream stick? "This is not a trivial matter. Ice cream sticks, medical tongue depressors, chopsticks, coffee sticks, etc. are products that come in direct contact with food. If a little problem occurs, it will have a bad impact. Therefore, the inspection and quarantine department Manufacturers of this type of export products implement sanitary registration management in strict accordance with the requirements of the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine. In order to ensure the safety of foreign consumers' lives, we must carry out coliform bacteria, salmonella, Microbiological testing of Hemophilus, Staphylococcus aureus, Streptococcus hemolyticus, mold, etc. "

The ice cream stick production line is a series of production lines that process raw material wood through a series of production lines such as rotary cutters, engraving cutters, noodle pickers (optional equipment), knife sharpeners (optional equipment), etc., to produce finished ice cream sticks and tongue depressors. Equipment.

In the process of producing wooden ice cream sticks for many years, we have taken the advantages of major rotary cutter manufacturers and carefully designed them to be the highest quality products in the same industry. The main motor of this rotary cutting machine adopts variable frequency speed regulation, plus auxiliary large jaws, and an external electromagnetic clutch, which has high production efficiency and is 1.5 times the production efficiency of other similar rotary cutting machines. This product is sturdy and durable. All gears are made of 45 # cast steel, and the nut and turbine are made of tin bronze 663 #, which is 3-4 times the service life of other similar rotary cutting machines. It has been proved in practical operation that the advantages of saving labor, high efficiency, and low power consumption are achieved.

In addition, the wooden ice cream stick processing factory can also process and package according to customer requirements (such as branding, dyeing, etc.), from the lower part of the wood, cooking and disinfection, skin peeling, to rotary cutting, die cutting, drying, polishing, selection of packaging, and then To the first quality inspection, the second quality inspection, the automatic selection of the machine ... step by step, after a more rigorous process of manufacturing.

Is it a trivial matter to pay so much attention to a small ice cream stick?

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