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How to choose the right Dalian wooden tongue depressor

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How to choose the right Dalian wooden tongue depressor


The tongue depressor is used to hold the tongue to check the surrounding organs. In fact, most of the tongue depressors are still wooden. How to choose such a wooden tongue depressor? Come and see with the wooden knife, fork and spoon manufacturers!

1. When choosing a tongue depressor, you must first determine the material of the tongue depressor. Everyone also knows that there are many types of tongue depressors. The common ones are wood and stainless steel, and the prices are different for different materials.

2. When purchasing a wooden tongue depressor, you must also determine the manufacturer. There are many manufacturers producing tongue depressors. Different tongue depressors produced by different manufacturers are also different. It is recommended that you choose a large manufacturer.

3. After choosing the right manufacturer, there are a number of comparisons of wooden tongue depressors. Let's see which manufacturer's tongue depressors are of good quality and the price is appropriate. It is recommended that you choose the right manufacturer to buy tongue depressors.

As for how to buy a suitable wooden tongue depressor, the above has been briefly introduced to everyone, I believe everyone has also learned.

The Dalian wooden tongue depressor is a medium-dangerous article due to contact with the patient's complete oral mucosa, and it should achieve a disinfection effect above medium level. For medical institutions using reusable tongue depressors, "one person, one use, one disinfection / sterilization" should be achieved. Conditional medical institutions are sterilized by steam after cleaning. Unconditionally choose pressure steam sterilization clinic or other medical institutions can choose boiling sterilization or steam sterilization. When boiling and sterilizing, the tongue depressor should be completely immersed in water and heated for 15 minutes after boiling. The counting time starts from when the water boils, and items added halfway should be retimed. In high altitude areas, the boiling time should be appropriately extended. Steam sterilization can use steamer, etc. When the water boils, water vapor is generated. The steam is 1001, and the action time is 15 ~ 30 minutes. The action time should be counted from when steam erupts after the water boils. In high altitude areas, the disinfection time should be appropriately extended. It can also be soaked and disinfected with a disinfectant containing 500mg / L of effective chlorine for 30 minutes after cleaning, thoroughly rinse the residual disinfectant and wipe it for later use.

How to choose the right Dalian wooden tongue depressor

Disinfection treatment of tongue depressor:

1. Autoclave steam sterilization method;

2. Gamma sterilization method.

The iron tongue depressor is generally sterilized by autoclave steam sterilization;

Disposable tongue depressors, one bag per bag, are generally sterilized by gamma sterilization.

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