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Coffee brewing method and using method of Dalian wooden coffee bar

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Coffee brewing method and using method of Dalian wooden coffee bar


Coffee brewing method and the role of Dalian wooden coffee bar

1. Warm cup. Everyone knows that the tannin in the ingredients of coffee will work when it is cold, so that the coffee becomes very acidic, so we should pour hot water in a coffee cup before we start brewing coffee.

2. Grinding beans. The thickness of hand brewed coffee should also be adjusted according to the characteristics of the coffee beans. The powder thickness of deep roasted coffee beans should be slightly thicker than those of medium roasted beans.

3. Combination appliance. Hand-made coffee is mainly composed of three parts, filter paper, filter cup and filter pot. If you pay attention to some, there should be a heating furnace under the filter pot to prevent the coffee from getting cold during brewing. Filter paper, filter cup and filter pot The size and specifications of the three should match.

5. Warm pot. Pour a small amount of hot water into the bottom pot, shake it a few times, and then pour it out. Then place the solid soybean flour on the bottom pot.

6. Stuffing steaming. The purpose of stuffing steaming is to stuff out the aroma of coffee. 7. After brewing, put the pot on a damp cloth to cool down after the stuffing steaming. After 25-30 seconds, the water temperature drops to 89-91. It is ready to be brewed. Generally speaking, the temperature of brewing medium roasted coffee beans (let's call them inert beans) is 91 ° C, which can better extract the aroma of coffee beans. Roasted coffee beans (lively beans), the brewing temperature is 89 degrees, this water temperature is sufficient to extract the aroma and bitterness of the coffee beans. If the water temperature is too low, it will be a bit light, and the water temperature will be too high, it will be a bit overcooked and extremely bitter. The brewing is over, and the stirring of the coffee bar is over. During the brewing process, be careful not to flush the water to the filter paper, otherwise the coffee will be very astringent. The amount of brewed coffee should generally be 0.5 more than the mark of the lower pot, otherwise the amount of brewed coffee Will not be enough.

Coffee brewing method and use method of coffee bar

How to use Dalian wooden coffee bar?

You can see if you look at the boat pulp!

The round head is smaller and the flat head is lower.

The correct way of holding is like the brush-like way, using your wrist to make a cross-shaped or ring-shaped stir. Ok.

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