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What are the benefits of wooden cutlery spoons?

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What are the benefits of wooden cutlery spoons?


Wooden tableware is a natural product made from a rich, renewable resource "wood", which is 100% degradable. Compared to non-degradable plastic-type tableware, wooden tableware is a safe and better choice. Most wooden utensils are carefully sanded to make them smoother. At the same time, the original wooden tableware is comfortable and enjoys the natural feeling. The original lifeless wood became delicate and warm under the careful polishing of the artisan. In addition to practicality, you can also appreciate it, everything seems so natural and comfortable. Wooden tableware is lighter, more durable and resistant to heat, just as durable as chopsticks!

Wood is an absorbent, porous material that is soaked in moisture and bacteria from food and water. For this reason, wooden tableware is unhygienic and not suitable for long-term use, silverware. Wooden tableware made of certain types of wood, such as cedar or cypress, can contaminate foods with strong odors and oily resins. Wooden tableware is a by-product made of wood, imported wood or recycled wood may be exposed to chemicals during the washing or manufacturing process.

Most wooden utensils are carefully ground with sandpaper and smooth for safe use. The wood is dry, however, it may develop debris or cracks if not stored properly or handled. The danger of splitting is indeed rare, but it must be mentioned when comparing the safety of wooden cutlery, silver and plastic products.

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