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How are beech logs processed into disposable wooden tableware in the factory?

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How are beech logs processed into disposable wooden tableware in the factory?


Beech, also written as "Alder" or "Alder".

Produced in the south of China, the north does not know the name, but this wood is called southern elm. Although it is not luxurious wood, it is widely used in Ming and Qing traditional furniture, especially in folk. This kind of beech furniture is mostly Ming style, and its modeling and production methods are basically the same as hardwood furniture such as Huanghuali, which has considerable artistic and historical value. Beech is heavy, strong, impact resistant, easy to bend under steam, can be shaped, and has good nail-holding properties. The wood is unique to Jiangnan. The texture is clear, the wood texture is uniform, and the color is soft and smooth. It is heavier than most ordinary hardwoods, and it ranks among the middle and upper levels in all wood hardness rankings.

The processing of the beech logs used: a small wooden tableware tells you:

1. Log Rotary Cutting Workshop: Good brand quality control starts from the initial log selection. The selected wood will be cut into different lengths to meet the needs of different specifications of the board. The cut logs are transported to a ten-foot card-free rotary cutter for cutting. The cut core board has a uniform thickness, small errors, and no burrs on the board surface. .

2. Drying system: There are currently 4 domestic advanced drying systems. The core board after spinning is sent to the dryer for high-temperature drying.

After drying, the core board can reach an ultra-low moisture content of 8%. Due to the low moisture content control, the flatness and stability of the board surface can be improved.

3. The dried core boards in the storage workshop are classified according to quality and need to be stored for more than 15 days to make the boards more stable.

4. Hot pressing workshop: After the core board is glued, it is sent to the hot press for pressing. The time and temperature of hot pressing are accurately calculated and strictly implemented to ensure the quality of the product.

5. Quality inspection workshop: E0 beech plywood completely adopts international advanced production technology and management mode. From the blank material to the finished product storage, each process is strictly controlled with quantified data. The quality of 36 links is monitored and the production site is fully inspected. The quality assurance system of sampling inspection by quality specialists, mutual inspection between upper and lower processes, and packaging and storage, so that each product meets strict European standards and national standards.

Packaging and storage workshop: Products are strictly tested by professionals before leaving the factory, and then the products are carefully packed according to customer requirements; storage.

Processing process of disposable wooden tableware:

1. Selection of materials.

2. Bleaching. Bleach with food grade sulfur fumigation.

3. Sterilization through high temperature or ultraviolet sterilization. According to national standards, qualified disposable wooden tableware cannot be detected: coliform bacteria, pathogenic bacteria.

4. Finally, after drying, sizing, polishing, finishing, packaging and other steps, disposable wooden tableware will leave the factory!

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