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How to make beautiful accessories with wooden ice cream sticks

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How to make beautiful accessories with wooden ice cream sticks


Collect dozens of small and short wood chips or sorbet sticks, and simply glue them together to turn them into a beautiful ornament. It is easy to look good and easy to hang. After reading this method, it's a pity that you throw the ice cream stick after eating it later. The production process is simple and easy to understand. You can see it at a glance. Come home and try it.

DIY Tutorial of Wooden Ice Cream Stick Handmade Ornaments:

The key is something we must use. When you go home, you can leave it with you. It ’s a common thing to turn around to find the key when you go out. Teach you how to put the key. Hanging board can also be used as an ornament hanging board!

1. First collect enough ice cream sticks, clean them, and stick the popsicle sticks with strong glue as shown in the figure below, because you need to hang things on it, do not use double-sided glue as much as possible

Note that you must press hard when sticking the ice cream stick, because it must be firmer to withstand a certain force;

2. The basic shape of the hanging board is completed. Set a certain distance according to the size of the object, and paste some horizontal sticks to facilitate hanging more objects.

It is also necessary to pay attention to pressing firmly at each junction, especially some sticks have radian, it is not easy to stick without pressing hard;

Production materials: white self-painting, ice cream stick or wood chip, hemp rope, hot melt adhesive.

Production steps:

1. Cross-bond three sorbet sticks. (Key points: glue two long ice-cream sticks to create two sharp corners, and glue the third ice-cream stick, so that the three ice-cream sticks are evenly distributed and bonded.)

2. Extend one sorbet on each sorbet. (Point: Extending a long sorbet at the end of the glued sorbet, a total of six sorbets are required.)

3. Bond the two short ice cream sticks to the middle position. (Important point: use two short ice cream sticks to stick in the middle extension, tilt outwards, and stick with another short ice cream stick, and stick the six sides to the ice cream stick.)

4. Bond the two short ice cream sticks to the final position. (Key points: At the last third of the whole, two short sorbet sticks are glued together, a total of 12 sorbet sticks are required.)

5. Spray paint. (Key points: spray paint with white paint.)

6. Attach a hemp rope. (In this way, the snowflake decoration pendant is ready. It is simple and generous to hang in the house. Come and try to make it.)

Concluding remarks: Snowflakes that feel very wintery are ready. Isn't it simple? Just use sorbet to roll and stick. It's simple and looks good too. A small wooden tableware hung it behind the door Every time I enter the room, I can see my diy stuff. I am very happy. If you also want to have this winter snowflake, please hurry up and make one!


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