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Origin of fork and basic usage

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Origin of fork and basic usage


he fork is an ancient agricultural tool. After many centuries, no one thought of using it for meals. It wasn't until the 11th century that a young lady from Constantinople brought the fork to Italy, a custom that spread to Europe.

It first appeared in Dandong and became popular after the fork. The fork is noodles made of cornmeal. It is based on corn. It is fermented and ground into water and then precipitated. The upper layer is starch and the lower layer is fork surface slag. Or the mold is extruded into strips, which are mainly divided into cooking and frying. They are delicious and popular, and are now available in restaurants in the streets and lanes of Dandong and are cheap.

How to use the wooden knife and fork spoon Xiaobian tell you:

How to use a fork

Hold the food with a fork and cut the basic action of cooking with a knife, that is, "cut the food with a knife in your right hand, then fork up the food with your fork in your left hand". Press the left end of the food with a fork, fix it, and cut about a bite of food with a knife along the side of the fork. The fork can directly fork the food into the mouth. People with correct posture and proper angle who cannot cut the food smoothly must first correct from the posture.

If the elbows on both sides are too high, the angle of the knife and fork will be too large to stand upright; if the elbow is too low, the knife and fork will fall down, so there is no way to cut the food properly. The correct posture of disposable wooden tableware is: relax your shoulders and wrists, keep your arms against your body, and keep the angle between the knife and the plate at about 15 degrees. This will not only cut the food easily, but also make the posture look more elegant.

The wooden knife and fork spoon editor tells you that the placement of the knife and fork on the table is fixed. The left-handed person can change the position of the knife and fork when using it, but after the meal, the tableware needs to be placed in the normal position. This is just to avoid causing confusion to the service staff. How to place cutlery In the dining table, the figure-eight cutlery has another very important function besides the function of delivering food to the mouth.

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