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Many manufacturers add talc in product raw materials

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Many manufacturers add talc in product raw materials


Many manufacturers add talc in product raw materials

Powder, calcium carbonate, etc. exceeded 50%, which caused the harmful substances in the tableware to seriously exceed the standard. With hot water and microwave oven, harmful substances will be dissolved in the food, long-term intake will cause indigestion, gallstones and liver disease. If tableware contains industrial paraffin, it may even cause cancer.

Disposable tableware use link three regardless

"The health department is responsible for the environmental sanitation and tableware disinfection of catering companies, the quality supervision department is responsible for the production area, and the industrial and commercial department is responsible for the circulation area. Food delivery companies use disposable tableware for food delivery. This is a key link. ”According to Dong Jinshi,“ 80% of the degraded lunch boxes marked by the market are inferior products. ”It is also reported that some brands of instant noodles two years ago The box was also found to be defective.

Attention in daily life application: Disposable wooden tableware manufacturers tell you:

In daily life, you should use porcelain or glass tableware as much as possible. Secondly, use disposable transparent plastic products. Try not to use paper cup products.

Harm of poor quality paper cups:

Let's break down the inferior paper cup first, its composition is: paper, printing ink, industrial paraffin, coated paper. Disposable wooden tableware manufacturers are explained in turn below.

1. Paper: Many manufacturers do not use food-grade wood pulp paper for the sake of greater benefits. It can be found everywhere. If the paper quality is poor (recycled waste paper), use bleaching powder and fluorescent whitening agent, which cannot be distinguished by ordinary consumers.

2. Printing inks: In an era when production costs determine everything, national standards for printing inks seem to be ineffective. Therefore, inks containing benzene and toluene are also flooding the market. After the printed paper cup is nested, the ink is likely to contaminate the inner wall of the paper cup.

3. Industrial paraffin: If the paper cup is not waterproofed, can it still be filled with water? So there is a paper cup soaked in paraffin. The wax contains a harmful substance called "polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons", and the melting point of the wax is 40 °, and the oil can dissolve the wax, you know the consequences.

Fourth, coated paper: Generally everyone calls it this way, but it is actually a polyethylene plastic film. Many paper cups use coated paper instead of paraffin. However, the outer wall of the "protection" cup without paraffin wax may become moldy after being dampened, and the inner wall of the folded cup will be contaminated with mold. Regarding this plastic film, if it is not a food-grade material, it will decompose harmful substances at high temperatures.

In addition, inferior paper cups were found to contain bisphenol A. According to the experts of Nanjing Medical University, the content of bisphenol A in some daily necessities was measured, and the results showed that the content of bisphenol A in the disposable paper cup for the test was 30 times that of the disposable plastic cup. More than 5 times the pure water in the dispenser.

It is recommended to buy or choose disposable tableware from regular manufacturers. Wooden cutlery is the right choice for you!

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