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What are the more common types of coffee in life

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What are the more common types of coffee in life



Espresso is a type of coffee with a strong taste. It was invented and developed in Italy. The production process is made by brewing under high pressure for a short time. After concentrating the flavor of the coffee, the taste is particularly strong. Usually the supply is calculated in “shots”. Espresso coffee is often used as the basis for other flavored coffees, such as Mocha, Latte, Macchiato.


In the American style, black coffee made with a drip coffee maker. In simple terms, the American style is espresso with water. The taste is relatively light, but the extraction time is longer (four to five minutes), so the caffeine content is also low. Higher, should not drink more.


Macchiato means "brand, imprint" in Italian. Caramel macchiato is a symbol of sweetness. Macchiato does not add whipped cream and milk to the concentrate. It only uses two tablespoons of dense milk foam to make a cup of Macchiato. When you taste Macchiato, please be careful not to stir it. After finding the right angle, directly Drink and keep the coffee's layered texture in your mouth.

Espresso Con Panna coffee bar manufacturers tell you:

The difference between Herba Blue and Macchiato is that Herba Blue is added with whipped cream to the Italian concentration. Herba Blue is characterized by its three-layered texture "the sweetness of butter, the aroma of coffee, and the sweetness of syrup." The freshly-concentrated extract forms the texture of ice and fire. Pay attention to drinking Kang Baolan, drink it directly, drink it as soon as possible, and don't stir it to taste the layered taste of ice cream and coffee.

Caffè Latte

Latte is made from a small cup of concentrated and a glass of milk (150ml ~ 200ml). Like cappuccino, latte contains a lot of milk and is suitable for drinking at breakfast. It has more fresh milk flavor and taste than cappuccino. More mellow.

Cafe Mocha

Mocha is usually made up of one-third of espresso concentrate and two-thirds of milk foam, and then add a little chocolate (usually in chocolate syrup). Because of the relationship between chocolate and milk, the taste of mocha is slightly sweeter. More suitable for ladies.

Cappuccino Dalian wooden coffee bar manufacturers tell you:

Cappuccino is an espresso made with the same amount of Italian concentrated and foam milk. Cappuccino is a kind of foam coffee. After drinking it, you can taste the sweetness of milk foam, and then you can taste the Italian-style concentrated bitterness and richness.

Flat White

White coffee uses super-skimmed creamer ingredients to reduce the bitter acid and caffeine content of the coffee to a low level. It does not hurt the stomach, has a silky texture, a strong aroma, and does not have a bitterness.

Cafe Breve Dalian wooden coffee bar manufacturers tell you:

Unlike latte, half-latte coffee is a mixture of half milk and half cream, and sometimes a small amount of milk foam is added.

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