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How to buy coffee

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How to buy coffee


No matter what kind of coffee, freshness is an important factor affecting quality. When buying, grab one or two coffee beans and chew them in the mouth. If it is crisp and loud, it means that the coffee beans are not wet, and the coffee beans with fragrant lips and teeth are the best. Never buy empty coffee.

Freshly roasted coffee beans are not suitable for immediate consumption. Generally speaking, the best drinking time for coffee is one week after roasting. At this time, the coffee is fresher and the flavor and taste are better.

In addition, the flavor of coffee beans is another consideration. Experts choose coffee beans, but they don't necessarily look at the size of the particles. In terms of coffee beans, there may be different sizes. For example, the characteristics of Ethiopian beans are not normal. The second is the color. It is normal for sun-dried beans to have different colors, whether they are raw or cooked. It is a normal phenomenon. Do not read the superficial opinions in the book or the data by yourself. Relatively speaking, medium and deep roasted coffee beans are easier to produce oil than lightly roasted beans, while lightly roasted beans do not produce oil or a small amount of oil. In short, when buying coffee, pay attention to its freshness, aroma and stale flavor.

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