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There are coups to distinguish the quality of disposable tableware

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There are coups to distinguish the quality of disposable tableware


How can plastic lunch boxes be fake?

Low-quality disposable plastic lunch boxes are popular in small restaurants because they are inexpensive and can be bought for a few cents. For example, in the production of inferior lunch boxes, a large number of toxic and harmful materials such as industrial calcium carbonate, talc, and paraffin are generally added, posing a direct threat to the health of users.

Counterfeit environmentally friendly plastic lunch boxes are soft to the touch and rupture when they are torn lightly. When they smell pungent and squint, they are easy to leak when they are deformed by heat. Counterfeit pulp lunch boxes have poor strength, dark colors, and severe oil and water seepage. There is no factory name, no trademark, and no production date on the lunch boxes; counterfeit lunch boxes are heavier than qualified products, and they are easy to sink in the water after being shredded (the proportion of qualified products is less than 1, and will not sink); the price is cheap, usually in Below 0.10 yuan, and the price of a real environmentally friendly lunch box is above 0.13 yuan.

Convenient chopsticks are too white and you need to be vigilant, Xiaobian wooden knife, fork and spoon tell you:

Many people think that disposable chopsticks are more hygienic and safe when eating out. However, in order to reduce costs, some small workshops use inferior wood. In order to "whiten" chopsticks, some criminals fumigate with sulfur. When eating with this chopsticks, the residual sulfur dioxide enters the body.

How to prevent "poisoning"? After you get the disposable chopsticks, you need to see whether the name, trademark and contact information of the manufacturer are printed on the package; those disposable chopsticks that are too white are not credible; you can also smell the smell of chopsticks. Sulfur smell is not recommended. Do not soak wooden chopsticks in hot soup or porridge for a long time during meals, as this will accelerate the decomposition of sulfur dioxide. The surface of chopsticks can be washed with cold water to reduce residual sulfur dioxide.

Colorful straws may not be safe

When drinking beverages, be aware that many straws are made of waste plastic, which can damage the liver and kidneys.

Some unscrupulous businesses will stain the straws in order to cover the noise of straws made of waste plastic. The brighter the color, the greater the safety hazard. Experts advise that color straws are not recommended. Its raw materials do not exclude the possibility of recycling industrial plastics, or even waste plastics. To identify the problem, straws can be followed in three steps: first of all, you need to see the information on the production packaging, the date of production, the expiration date, the production license and the number (QS mark). Discern the color again, try not to buy the colorful ones, pay special attention to the dark ones. Finally, before the straw comes into contact with the beverage, you should smell the pungent odor. If it smells, it must be a straw.

Discerning disposable paper cups skillfully, Xiaobian wooden knife and fork spoon tells you:

The advantages and disadvantages of disposable paper cups can be identified by "one look, two smells, three touches".

Look: In addition to looking at the name, address, production date, etc. of the manufacturer on the packaging, look at the light. If there is blue light or impurities, it is recommended not to buy;

Smell: Is there a pungent odor?

Touch: It feels very soft and may be a poor quality product. Tip: When using disposable paper cups, it is recommended to use hot water to blanch them first to allow the harmful substances in the paper cups to fully evaporate.

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