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Knives, forks, spoons and chopsticks were popular in Shang Dynasty

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Knives, forks, spoons and chopsticks were popular in Shang Dynasty


Modern food culture is inseparable from chopsticks and spoons. Westerners like to use knives and forks. Of course, bowls are also indispensable. Bowls are concave containers. It can be said that a lotus leaf can play the same role before the appearance of ceramic bowls. However, people at that time used their hands to grasp how to eat into their mouths, especially meat. People learned how to use fire, how to be convenient and how to grasp, After learning to use fire, the temperature will have to use tools.

Chopsticks were called "sheaths" earlier, and "kuai'er" in the Ming Dynasty. They were easy to make. I remember that when I was a child, my grandfather went to work in the field and didn't go home until noon. I was asked to ride a bicycle, hold the handlebars with one hand, carry a bowl of noodles with one hand, and buckle a small bowl on it as a cover, but forgot to bring chopsticks. My grandfather broke a poplar branch directly, and a pair of chopsticks were like this It's easy to make. The fresh branches are still full of juice. Don't mention it in your mouth.

Besides wood, there are also bony, bronze and ivory sheaths. It is known that the earlier sheaths were made of bone. 42 bony sheaths dating back to 7000 years were unearthed in Longzhuang, east of the Yangtze and Huaihe River, belonging to the Neolithic age. Six copper sheaths were also found in the Yin Ruins of Anyang. During the Shang and Zhou dynasties, the sheaths made of ivory formed a culture in the Zhou Dynasty. Later, the sheaths made of jade, sandalwood and silver could be used as handicrafts.

Although the invention of the sheath is very simple, its use frequency is not as high as that of the spoon, because the original intention of the sheath is to take the hot cooked food out of the pot, and then continue to eat it by hand, because it is still strong and not easy to fall off, just as a tool for dividing food, and the spoon can be used to hold soup, especially for people who eat rice, even if the rice is cold, with their hands It's still sticky. Besides, there's soup!

The manufacturers of wooden knives, forks and spoons tell you that spoons can be regarded as small bowls. In addition to using lotus leaves to hold food, they can also use shells. The smaller shells, tied with a bone, are the forerunners of spoons. They appeared more than 7000 years ago, along with farming civilization. Later Hemudu culture, Dawenkou Culture and Longshan culture all found bone spoons, of course, bone ones In the Western Zhou Dynasty, copper spoon has become the mainstream. In the Warring States period, Zhao state invented "Sinan", the compass among the four inventions, which uses spoon.

Knives and forks have always been the standard match for Western food, but forks were also invented by Chinese people, and they are also made of bone. Some bone made forks have been unearthed in the Qijia cultural site in Gansu for more than 4000 years. By the time of Shang Dynasty, knives, forks and spoons have formed a suit. The invention of forks may have something to do with agriculture, that is to say, they were invented after the agricultural civilization, and gradually ceased to be used by Chinese people in song and Yuan Dynasties Knife and fork.

The manufacturer of wooden knife, fork and spoon tells you that the knife was called "dagger" earlier. The "妣" in Oracle Bone Inscriptions is dagger. It is known that the dagger was found earlier in Hemudu. In the early stage, it also has the function of spoon and can be used to fish for food. There are many uses of the knife. It can be used as a tool, a weapon, a stone or a bone. As a tableware, it is more bone Suitable, and chopsticks can not only make chopsticks, but also make knives very sharp.

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