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Wooden Coffee Stick

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Wooden Coffee Stick

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Interpretation of the brewing method of coffee and the function of coffee bar by the manufacturer of wooden coffee bar

1. Warm cup. We all know that the tannic acid in the ingredients of coffee will work when it is cold, which makes coffee very sour. So before we start brewing coffee, we should first pour hot water warm cup into the coffee cup

2. Grind beans. The thickness of hand brewed coffee should also be adjusted according to the characteristics of coffee beans. The powder thickness of deep roasted coffee beans should be slightly thicker than that of medium deep roasted coffee beans

3. Combination utensils. Hand brewed coffee mainly consists of three parts: filter paper, filter cup and filter pot. If you pay more attention to it, there should be a heat preservation furnace under the filter pot to prevent the coffee from becoming cold when brewed. The size and specification of filter paper, filter cup and filter pot should be matched

5. Warm the pot. Pour a small amount of hot water into the bottom pot, shake it a few times, and then pour it out. Then put the beat bean powder on the bottom pot

6. Steaming. The purpose of steaming is to smother the flavor of coffee. 7. Brew. After steaming, put the pot on a wet cloth to cool down. After 25-30 seconds, the water temperature drops to 89-91 degrees. Generally speaking, the brewing water temperature of moderately roasted coffee beans (we call them inert beans) is 91 degrees, so the water temperature can extract the flavor of coffee beans better. The deep roasted coffee The brewing temperature of beans (lively beans) is 89 ℃. The water temperature is enough to extract the fragrance and bitterness of coffee beans. If the water temperature is too low, it seems a little light. If the water temperature is too high, it will be boiled and extremely bitter. The brewing will end the mixing of coffee bars. During the brewing process, please pay attention not to rush the water into the filter paper, or the coffee will be very astringent. The amount of coffee brewed should be 0.5 more than the marking line of the lower pot, otherwise, it will be very astringent There will not be enough coffee

Wooden Coffee Stick


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