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Tongue Depressor

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Tongue Depressor

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What is the function of the tongue depressor when checking the trachea

1. The patient should sit upright with his head in the right position, open his mouth and breathe calmly, and keep relaxed.

2. The function of tongue depressor (1) correct use of tongue depressor is the key to the success of oropharyngeal examination. The doctor holds the tongue pressing plate and presses the front 2 / 3 of the patient's tongue back, gently pressing the tongue downward. (2) Observe the color of Ru membrane in order to see if there is congestion, pseudomembrane, ulcer, swelling, secretion, swelling, etc.

3. Observe the tonsil and pharyngeal side wall, observe the tonsil, see its shape and size, whether there is secretion in the recess. Observe the lingual crotch arch, pharyngeal neck arch, lateral pharyngeal cord and posterior pharyngeal wall.

4. Observe the movement of soft neck to make the patients pay attention to the movement of soft engagement when pronouncing ah Yin. When the soft palate is paralyzed, the soft neck cannot be lifted up.

(1) When pressing the tongue plate, let the patient breathe calmly, do not hold the breath, because the throat is congested when holding the breath, the color of the new membrane changes, and the pharyngeal cavity becomes narrow and small, so it is not easy to observe all parts carefully. If the pressure on the tongue exceeds 2 / 3, it is easy to touch the root of the tongue and cause nausea reflex, or even vomiting.

(2) Check whether there is pharyngeal abscess. On the one hand, the action should be gentle. Try to get cooperation from the children. On the other hand, prepare for the rescue of the abscess rupture and suffocation. Through the introduction of the above article, you have a better understanding of throat examination. I hope it will help you.



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