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Note for disposable wooden tableware manufacturers:

1. People are easy to jam their teeth when eating or eating. At this time, toothpick becomes an essential tool. In addition to removing the food stuffed into the teeth, toothpicks can also remove plaque and soft dirt, especially the plaque on the adjacent surfaces. Correct use of toothpick can be used as a supplement for brushing teeth every day, which is conducive to dental health care; improper use of toothpick will make the gap between teeth larger, and more prone to soft dirt, leading to tooth decay.

2. Toothpick shall be hard, smooth and free of burr, with slightly thin tip.

3. Slowly slide along the two tooth surfaces of each tooth seam. Do not use too fast or too strong force. The side of toothpick should be scratched several times close to the tooth surface. Finally, rinse the mouth once a day or after each meal.

4. Toothpick is necessary for some middle-aged and old people after meals, but if it is not used properly, it will cause gingivitis. Toothpick should be used when there is space between teeth. If the gingival papilla is normal, toothpick is only used in the gingival sulcus, because it will form a gap between teeth that have no space, and the food will be more easily impaled, and then it will be removed with toothpick. Over time, it will become malignant Circulation, so that the gap between teeth increased, gingival papilla atrophy, both periodontal disease and affect the appearance and function.

5. Use the correct method. Some people are eager to remove the teeth after plugging, and pick whatever they want, such as knives, matchsticks, spikes, hairpins, etc., causing more serious plugging.




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