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Round Stick

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Round Stick

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Artificial drying method:

The wood is sealed in the steam drying room to promote the evaporation of water by means of steam, so as to dry the wood. The degree of drying can make the moisture content of wood up to 3%. However, after high temperature evaporation, the wood is damaged, which is easy to be brittle and lose toughness, which is not conducive to carving. Generally speaking, the degree of log drying should be kept at about 30% of water content.

Simple manual drying method:

Boil wood with water to remove the resin components, and then dry it in the air. It is called water immersion air drying.

Dry the interior of the wood with fire.

The drying time of disposable wooden tableware can be shortened, the method is simple, and the variability of trees is also reduced, but it is only suitable for small pieces of wood (placed in asphalt bucket), and the wood is easy to change color after being immersed in water, which also damages the wood.

Classify the sawn wood (board, square or round wood) and put it in stacks. The bottom of the stacks is 500-700mm away from the ground. There is a gap in the middle to make the air circulate and take away the moisture. The wood is dried gradually. Natural drying generally takes several years and months to make wood meet certain drying requirements

Water pressure method: it is basically the same as the dry pressure method. Only when the above-mentioned pressure method is used, the one-time wooden tableware will spray water or soak the whole warped part that needs to be flattened. After the plate is flattened, it should be noted that it should be placed flat, vertical, steep and straight, ventilation and ventilation should be even, otherwise it will return to the original state.

Dry pressing method: place the warped plate on a flat table or on the ground, press it on the warped part with a heavy object (such as stone or iron block), and use the pressure of the object to flatten the warped part. If the bending bow of the sheet metal is warped, the concave side of the sheet metal shall be placed horizontally downward, and the heavy object shall be pressed on the convex side of the sheet metal until the warped part of the bending bow is flattened, and then it shall be taken out for carving.

Round stick


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