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Wooden Fork

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Wooden Fork

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Basic usage of fork

Press the food with the fork and cut the food with the knife, that is, "take the knife in the right hand and cut the food, then fork the food with the fork in the left hand". Press the left end of the food with a fork and fix it. Cut the food about a mouthful with a knife along the side of the fork. The fork can directly fork up the food and send it to the mouth. People who can't cut food smoothly with correct posture and proper angle should first correct their posture.

If the elbows on both sides are too high, the angle of the knife and fork will be too large, and the knife and fork will be in an upright state; if the elbows are too low, the knife and fork will be in a down state, so there is no way to properly cut the food. The correct posture of disposable wooden tableware is: relax your shoulders and wrists, keep your arms close to your body, and keep the angle between the knife and the plate at about 15 degrees. This not only can easily cut the food, but also the posture looks more elegant.

The place of knives and forks on the dining table is fixed. Lefties can exchange the positions of knives and forks when they use them. However, after eating, they still need to place the tableware in the normal position, so as to avoid the trouble of service personnel. How to place a knife and fork in a meal is not only the function of sending food to the mouth, but also a very important function.

Wooden Fork



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