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140mm Knife, Fork and Spoon

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140mm Knife, Fork and Spoon

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  • Release date:2019-12-26
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Advantages of wooden knife, fork and spoon:

Sanitation and cleanliness

With high transparency, the product can be directly viewed by the naked eye to see whether there are impurities, stains, fingerprints and scratches to determine the quality of the product and whether it is used for a second time. It really makes consumers "look comfortable and feel relieved".

One time use

Disposable crystal tableware is a disposable product, which is not reused. It can effectively prevent cross infection of circular disinfection tableware and prevent diseases from entering the mouth!

Non toxic and antibacterial

Based on the concept of environmental protection tableware, aviation crystal tableware is gradually replacing and filling the market gap. The used products can be recycled and the market is unlimited.

140mm Knife, Fork and Spoon


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